Befriending our Future: between defeat and destiny


Saturday October 1, 2016, 10am-5pm
A day workshop with Emma Philbin Bowman, exploring to re-enliven our relationship to the future through an understanding of fate, calling, and capacity for transformation.

at the Mindfulness Centre, Pembroke St, Dublin 2

‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’
Eleanor Roosevelt

Whatever age we are, we want our futures to be beautiful. We hope to be happy in them and to live with meaning and joy. Yet many of us also carry undercurrents of fatalism or despair. When this is so, we struggle to be inspired by our futures and wholeheartedly support our potential.
This day-workshop addresses these themes. It aims to develop a richer understanding of how and why we may lack faith in our own futures and to cultivate a more dynamic and nourishing perspective on our calling(s) and potential for fulfilment. Working from a ground of available, curious presence, we will explore how these issues affect us. Using a blend of theoretical input, inquiry exercises, brief meditations, and group engagement, participants will be invited to deepen our understanding of how we are inclined to deplete our energy and hope, and clarify what is most vital in our lives and worthy of our commitment. The workshop environment will be safe, supportive and confidential, taking account of each person’s needs.

For that is what is lost in so many lives, and what must be recovered: a sense of personal calling, that there is a reason my unique person is here… James Hillman The Soul’s Code
Emma Philbin Bowman (IAHIP) works in Dublin as a psychotherapist and teaches on the MSc in Mindfulness at UCD. She holds a degree in English and Philosophy from UCD and has a lifelong interest in Meditation and Integrative Spirituality. In recent years she has practiced Embodied Inquiry in …read more

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