Narcissistic Relationships Leave a Destructive Legacy of Co-Dependency and Addiction



“In my experience as a practitioner, I’ve found that unhealthy, co-dependent and narcissistic behaviour is encouraged and even normalised by society. In this way, disconnection from one’s true self is actively encouraged. This experience can unconsciously impact on both the therapist and their work with their clients.

Through my work, I’ve developed a helpful model which gives therapists the skills & awareness they need to overcome these pressures. With these insights, therapists can work with confidence that they can help clients make significant and timely progress in their recovery. Both my clients and I have benefited from the model. Now, by attending, you and YOUR clients can benefit too!” – Margaret Parkes

Programme Outline:

This intensive and experiential programme is based around a therapeutic model for working with co-dependent adults and young people who come from an emotionally abusive and neglectful family of origin. It also enables recovery for those who are stuck in abusive personal or organisational relationships. Being goal focused, this model encourages the therapist to take an interactive role in their client’s therapy:

  • Narcissism and co-dependency – how they entangle the therapist and the client
  • Identifying narcissism in families, couples, organisations and relationships
  • Understanding narcissistic influence of family, organised religion, education system and organisations
  • Clarifying the contribution of society and unhealthy organisations to co-dependency
  • Understanding co-dependency as the root cause of all addictions
  • The five stages of recovery from co-dependency & the role of the therapist in this process
  • The next generation – the benefit of creating awareness & correcting unhealthy patterns of past generations


Margaret Parkes (Dip. Psych., BA, MSc.) has practiced as a psychotherapist and systemic practitioner for over 15 years. She is a qualified and experienced facilitator and …read more

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