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All Babies Count:

Why Babyhood Matters

A day of discussion focused around an acclaimed five-part series of short documentaries “Breakdown or Breakthrough? Pregnancy, birth and the first eighteen months of life”, led by Dr Amanda Jones and Angela Joyce (director Amy Rose). The documentaries explore the effects of perinatal breakdowns on babies, parents and the professionals who work with them (including midwives, social workers, health visitors, mental health professionals).

Saturday 25th March 2017 09.30 – 16.30 pm

Venue: TBA, Dublin

Highlighting the crucial issue of perinatal mental illness the NSPCC’s All Babies Count campaign underlines the need for improved and earlier support for parents. It calls for the mental health of mothers and babies to be given the same priority as their physical health. The campaign report suggested that every year in the UK up to 200,000 babies under a year old are living in households in which substance misuse, domestic violence and mental illness are real problems. With research suggesting that up to twenty per cent of parents become emotionally unwell during the perinatal period, with an inevitable impact upon the emotional, neurological and cognitive development of the baby, the question of how to help such parents and their babies is a pressing public health concern.

This NSPCC-sponsored series of films, made by Dr Amanda Jones and Amy Rose, aims to help practitioners of all kinds working with vulnerable family members explore the salient themes from a psychodynamic perspective.

The five documentaries will be screened over the course of the day. Angela Joyce (training and supervising [psychoanalyst, Institute of Psychoanalysis, London) will chair the day, with Dr Amanda Jones (strategic & clinical lead, consultant perinatal psychotherapist, NELFT NHS Foundation Trust, Perinatal Parent Infant Mental Health Service) giving …read more

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