Between Defeat and Destiny & The Power of Calling


Between Defeat and Destiny

Sat Jan 28 2017

The Power of Calling

Sat Feb 18 2017

Two One Day workshops with Emma Philbin Bowman (

at the Mindfulness Centre, Pembroke St, 10-5pm

Whatever age we are, we want our futures to be beautiful. We want to be available to be transformed by our experiences, and give the best of ourselves in ways that matter. Yet many of us also struggle to believe happiness is possible for us: experiences of failure, self-sabotage or disappointment can take their toll. When this is so, our futures rarely inspire us and can become a source of blankness or dread. These workshops address these themes.

The first workshop Between Defeat and Destiny on Jan 28 focuses on developing a deeper, more compassionate understanding of our tendencies toward fatalism or despair, and on identifying how we may approach life with more creativity and intentionality. We will balance a recognition of the impact of the past with a focus on supporting fresher and freer ways of seeing. This experiential workshop will draw on theory and poetry from Christopher Bollas, Thomas Hubl, Robert Fritz, Julia Kristeva and Czeslaw Milosz.

The second workshop, The Power of Calling on Feb 18 invites us to explore the territory of calling in a rich, open way. Looking at themes of Vocation, Purpose and Values, we flesh out the unique ways that calling speaks to us and look at how we can refine and cultivate our relationship to this powerful ally. We will combine presence based inquiry practices with nuggets of theory and poetry from James Hillman, Thomas Hubl, Christopher Bollas, Parker Palmer, Kahlil Gibran and Rumi.

HOW WORKSHOPS ARE STRUCTURED: We will work in a safe, supportive and confidential way, attempting to shed fresh light on how we envisage our futures. Through a blend of theoretical …read more

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