‘Dancing With the Gods’ – Manifesting Your Own Myth

A 7-Day Residential Paul Rebillot Workshop with the The Fool’s Dance Gestalt Company

The ‘Slí an Chroí’ Centre, Kiltegan, Co. Wicklow, February 18th to February 24th, 2017.

The Fool’s Dance Gestalt Company (FDGC) presented the late Paul Rebillot’s workshop “Dancing with the Gods – Manifesting your Personal Myth” in July of 2016 – the first time this workshop has been given in Ireland since Paul himself led it here in 1998. As a result of the very positive participant feedback that the July workshop received we have decided to offer another opportunity for people to experience this interesting and transformative process.

In brief, the workshop is based on the idea – espoused by Carl Gustav Jung, James Hillman and Joseph Campbell among many others – that myths have deep psychological significance, that – as Hillman put it – myths show our depth psychology in ancient dress”. A myth or legend that attracts us, haunts us and draws us in does so because our unconscious recognises that there is something within that particular story that we need to learn.

Participants in ‘Dancing with the Gods’ are asked to bring to the workshop a myth (or a legend or folk-tale with a supernatural element) from any culture. It is not at all necessary to have explored the psychological significance of the myth – it is sufficient just to be familiar with the story and to be attracted to it. Using a combination of dramatization, movement, art, fantasy, ritual and Gestalt process participants will experience their chosen myth in depth, the better to understand how it connects with their deepest self. We will explore our personal world of mythology, not from an academic or aesthetic point of view but because it can serve as a source of healing energy for ourselves and for those with whom …read more

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