(… 95% of your clients are affected!)

(14 CPD Points)

Co-dependency as a condition is often misunderstood – and its crucial link with narcissism and addiction missed by many helping professionals. As 95% of clients are affected, this is a detrimental loss.

However, experience shows that when the co-dependent realises how co-dependency, narcissism and addiction feed into each other together, they then fully understand how to take their power back! Our job as helping professionals is to help them see that.

Through my work I have developed a helpful model that addresses this triad and it is my client’s experience (young and old) that the model works. Now, your clients can benefit too!” – Margaret Parkes

Programme Outline:

This intensive and experiential programme is based around a therapeutic model for working with co-dependent adults and young people who come from an emotionally abusive and neglectful family of origin. It also highlights how co-dependency can be central to many addictions. Being goal focused, this model encourages the helping professional to take an interactive role in their client’s recovery (check for more information).


Margaret Parkes (Dip. Psych., BA, MSc.) has practiced as a psychotherapist and systemic practitioner for over 15 years. She is a qualified and experienced facilitator and has experienced significant success with this model.

Course Dates & Times:

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