Between Defeat and Destiny a workshop with Emma Philbin Bowman

Saturday March 4th 2017

Mindfulness Centre, Pembroke St, Dublin 2 10-5pm

‘be not the slave of your own past, dive deep, and swim far, so you shall come back with new self-respect, with new power, and with an advanced experience that shall explain and overlook the old. – Emerson

Whatever age we are, we want our futures to be beautiful. We hope to be happy in them: to be comfortable, to be touched, and to live with meaning and joy. Yet many of us also struggle to believe happiness is possible for us: we sense we are up against an undertow, where experiences of failure, self-sabotage or disappointment take their toll. When this is so, our futures rarely inspire us and can become a source of blankness or dread. This workshop aims to bring fresh light to these themes.

We will explore this territory through a rich blend of theory, poetry and experiential work. Drawing on the ideas of Christopher Bollas (on fate and destiny), Bromberg and Kristeva (on the allure of the past and how we can feel caught in looping cycles of repetition), and Thomas Hubl on how to hear ‘the fragrance of the future’.

Between Defeat and Destiny allows us to look with more compassion and insight at threads of fatalism or despair that may undermine our dynamism, and explore how we can alter and transcend these by learning to relate to life in more engaged, responsive and creative ways.

We will work in a safe, supportive and confidential way, attempting to shed fresh light on how we envisage our futures. Through a blend of theoretical input, inquiry exercises, brief meditations, and group engagement, each person will be supported to make fresh contact with how these issues affect them, and re-orient their sense of meaning and dynamism. The …read more

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