Understanding Trauma Two Day Workshop


IICP are delighted to introduce this new two day workshop on Understanding Trauma. Before mental health practitioners can work in depth with a client’s trauma they need an understanding of both what trauma is and how to engage with it safely before embarking on in-depth work. This two day workshop will look at those initial requirements – knowledge of the dynamics of trauma and establishing safety.

Workshop Content:

  • Understand the key components of psychological trauma;
  • Be able to identify the many sources of trauma;
  • Know the difference between developmental trauma and traumatic injury;
  • Recognise the many symptoms of trauma;
  • Have a good understanding of the physiology of the brain and its role in trauma;
  • Understand the reaction of trauma clients;
  • Recognise the body’s role in trauma and learn how the body tries to work through trauma and use some basic body-orientated techniques to help the body do this safely
  • Have a good understanding of the immediate & long term effects of PTSD;
  • Be introduced to why talking therapies may not help in this initial stage of trauma work;
  • Start to work with establishing safety through resourcing & boundary setting.
  • Understand the concept of the ‘window of tolerance’ and its importance;
  • Understand the “three trauma types” of clients and the implications for therapy and be introduced to three safety protocols and given the opportunity to work with them;
  • Be able to identify symptoms of autonomic nervous system arousal and learn how to separate physical from emotional arousal in order to establish safety;


Patricia Allen-Garrett, BSc (Hons) Psychology, Dip Counselling & Psychotherapy, (MIAHIP, ECP) works as a psychotherapist in private practice in Dublin. She also works as a psychotherapist with Hesed House, a group facilitator with Suicide or Survive


Saturday 17 June and Saturday 24 June 2017

Entry Requirements:

This workshop is mental health practitioners interested in learning more about the subject area.


IICP Certificate of Attendance and Participation

CPD: 12 hours


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