Therapeutic Intervention with Adolescents

3-day Introductory Training Workshop in working therapeutically with adolescents from a Gestalt perspective.

Facilitator: Bronagh Starrs
Location: Dublin
Dates: 5th – 7th May 2017
Fee: €340
CPD Hours: 20 hours

This training programme introduces topics such as:
– A Theoretical Framework for Adolescent Development
– Relational Assessment
– Development of the Therapeutic Alliance with the Adolescent &
his/her Parents
– Self-Symbolism & Creativity: Gaining Access to the Adolescent’s
Phenomenological Experience
– The Impact of Shame on the Adolescent Journey
The training workshop will focus on developing a richer understanding of adolescent process, and in particular, participants will develop a deeper appreciation of the essential developmental impulse underlying even the most self-destructive and inappropriate behaviours exhibited by young people – which understandably cause concern and create complex dilemmas for helping professionals.
Clinical Application will broadly explore:
– Anxiety, Depression, Self-Harm, Suicide
– Separation & Complex Family Con gurations
– Working with Traumatised Adolescents
– Adolescent Sexuality & Sexual Identity
– The Adolescent’s Relationship to the Body & Food

For full booking details, please visit our website or email Bronagh

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