Understanding and managing dual diagnosis through music as a therapy

Endorsed by the HSE

Part of Mountjoy Prison Drug Treatment Programme

An experiential One Day Workshop using the creative arts to provide participants with a deeper understanding of the epidemiology of drug and alcohol misuse and dual diagnosis – coexisting mental health illness. Participants will also learn how to apply music in a therapeutic setting to release repressed emotions and manage anxiety disorder and depression.

CONTENT: Participants will journey through evidence-based music therapy to contextualise the music and lives of popular music artists who have been affected by substance addiction and mental illness. The medium of popular music also offers participants a lens into the negative influences and impacts of substance misuse on youth culture today

• The influence of music and other media on the psychosocial development of young people,
• A visceral understanding of the root causes that drive dual diagnosis,
• Learn how to apply music as a therapeutic tool to unlock repressed emotions and manage mental disorders,
• Develop preventative strategies to dual diagnosis and build resilience through natural highs,
• Break down the stigma surrounding dual diagnosis.

ELIGIBILITY: This workshop is recommended for psychologists and counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, social care workers, teachers, guidance counsellors, youth workers and others working with substance misuse.

ABOUT: Roger Mehta has been a musician, radio presenter and DJ for over 30 years. His childhood was deeply affected by dual diagnosis; he came through the addiction process himself in 1998. Now a professional addiction support advocate, Roger has worked in the community since 2000 supporting individuals and families affected by substance misuse. He founded The Harmony Program in 2009 and has been delivering the therapeutic workshops to Mountjoy Prison, residential treatment centres, youth organisations and secondary schools around Ireland.

DATE: SAT 3rd June & SAT 8th July 2017
VENUE: The Dancing Soul, Block C,
Monksland, Daneswell Business Park,
Co. Roscommon

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