Galway Psychotherapy and Consulting Sexuality, the Body, and Body Image


Wednesday to Friday, 28th to 30th June, 2017

Marine Hotel, Sutton Cross, Dublin

Facilitated by Mike O’Halloran and Evelyn P. Gilmore

This workshop provides an opportunity for psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists, coaches, educators, health care professionals and allied professions to enhance their awareness of their own sexuality, to build greater awareness of their bodies, and to explore various aspects of their body image in a new way. During the workshop, as participants explore these issues and gain greater awareness themselves, it will provide them with new opportunities and greater insight when working with their clients on issues around sexuality, the body, and body image.

Sexuality, the Body, and Body Image can provide great pleasure, excitement, aliveness and choice in one’s life. However, often individuals struggle to cope with issues around their sexuality, with shame and guilt around their bodies, with feelings of powerlessness around life choices and decisions related to sexuality and the body, and with a distorted body image. This three-day workshop on Sexuality, the Body, and Body Image will explore both aspects of the above.

During the three days, participants will be provided with an opportunity to explore the following:

  • Exploring Sexuality and the Body
  • Personal, Familial, and Societal Influences on our Sexuality
  • Freedom and Choice Around Sexuality
  • Sexuality and Fear
  • Working with the Body
  • Tuning in and Trusting the Body in a New Way
  • Exploring the Individual’s Body Image
  • Self-Image, Body-Image and Dress
  • Aliveness, Excitement, Pleasure and the Body
  • Shame and Guilt around the Body and Sexuality
  • Guilt-free and pleasurable experiences

Style of the Workshop

The learning over the three days is highly experiential with a focus on participants’ process and experience. We will use Gestalt work, Biodynamic work, attention to Dreams, and Small and Large Group Process. The work will include Music, Movement, Dance, Drawing, and Guided Visualisation to bring into the present …read more

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