MSc In Psychotherapy Research


Turning Point™ Institute

23 Herbert Street

Dublin 2

Tel: 01/2801603


This two-year part-time MSc in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy Research is an exciting new research programme for Turning Point™ Institute.

This MSc is designed to place research at the heart of psychotherapy practice and is for accredited counsellors and psychotherapists to continue to explore their passion for psychotherapy and for change and transformation in their clients, underpinned by effective research.

The programme is based on the fundamental philosophy of how an integrative psychotherapy framework for ethical practice includes the training, practice, supervision, personal process and research endeavours of TPI students and staff, and how they all are interwoven through the shared process of the research journey. Humanistic integrative psychotherapy is at the core of this new Masters programme: the fundamental philosophy is person-centered and relational, and is founded on the conviction that a person can heal themselves if they choose to engage with an empathically attuned psychotherapist, through the therapeutic relationship.


The programme will be delivered in Year 1 over 4 three-day weekends and 2 five-day week/weekend blocks and in Year 2 over 4 three-day weekends during the academic year.

In addition, all candidates are required to attend regular Academic Supervision during the course.

Payment for this supervision is included in the course fees.


Year 1

Module 1: Research Methodology for Psychotherapists and Counsellors.

Module 2: Practical Skills and Data Analysis for Psychotherapy Research.

Module 3: Research Ethics Submission.

Module 4: Integrative Model 1.

Year 2

Module 1: Research Project, Paper and Presentation.

Module 2: Advanced Research Methods and Data Analysis.

Module 3: …read more

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