The Mysterious Connexion: Projective Identification and Enactment in Process Work

A Two-Day Workshop with Dr. Heward Wilkinson

When: 1-2 July, 2017

Where: The Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street, Cork

Cost: €180.00. Tea and coffee included.

CPD Hours: 11 – certificate awarded on conclusion.

Dr. Heward Wilkinson has lectured extensively on Projective Identification and Enactment, developing a rich and thoroughly considered approach to these topics, from which he has prepared a special two-day experiential workshop for Symposion. The Mysterious Connexion promises to be a memorable experience from which practitioners will draw in their work for years to come.

Projective Identification – the other side of its mirror is Counter-Transference! – is a mode of communication, found far beyond process work in therapy. It is alive and well in vast human communication processes, families, groups, and collective situations. Therapy process work is a uniquely powerful mode by which to tap into it. It is not merely the raw reactiveness of either therapist or client, but more, – profound interactive communication.

And, as, in Eliot’s phrase, the ‘tentacular roots, reaching down to the deepest terrors and desires’ – and shames – of its underneath reachings, are expressed in process and in replications, we grasp that, – not merely various forms of ‘acting-out’ or ‘acting-in’—but all therapy process modes, mentalised and/or embodied, are a seamless shot silk tapestry of Enactment. Enactment process actually defines and underpins the therapy processes of the narrative-relational therapies. Enactment is not simply regressive or defensive, but the all-pervasive medium of the work, rising to poetic epiphany. In and upon that rich medium, Projective Identifications play out subtly at all the levels – above, below, and in-between.

Both Projective Identification and Enactment are commonly oversimplified, even shrivelled down to reductive guises. But, they are both realities, – and powerful metaphors amongst many metaphors. We’ll seek to explore them together, in this workshop, in all their richness …read more

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