IAHIP Workshop Series – Recovery from Trauma

Workshop 7 – Recovery from Trauma -Jim Fitzgibbon –
Sunday November 26th 10am – 4.30pm
Limited Number of Spaces still available
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This workshop will be a collaborative, educative and experiential workshop for psychotherapists.
My workshop on recovery from trauma is designed for experienced psychotherapists however whatever your experience we will have commonality in that we all survived at least one trauma namely receiving birth.

Consciously forming ground as a way of being in a relational experience will be at the core of this group experience.
Many members will be interested in an integrative relational written exercise re exploration of grieving that I learnt from Gianni Francesetti in 2010 and I’ve many times used it successfully. It’s an excellent key to unlocking deadness recovery from trauma.

On my own background for more than 7 years I am member of a supervision group and a personal development group both facilitated by the experienced psychotherapist Rob Tyson of the Manchester Gestalt Institute.
I am learning we all have unique experience and by gathering in a safe place this difference is of immense value to one another and to our clients.
In this workshop I will invite the group to focus on what we do know cognitively and theoretically about the subject. When we form as a working group, our own experiences of recovery and of our clients may emerge, in the present.

The use of creative technique of art may be possible so please bring art materials of your choice.

My intention is the exposition of my relational in the here and now approach, supported by the theoretical approach by James Kepner in his books particularly Healing Tasks (1996) and Body Process (1987) and Miriam Taylor’s Trauma Therapy (2014) and Zoe Londricks paper What Every Trauma Worker Should Know (2006). …read more

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