Student Counsellor – Permanent

Reporting to
The Academic Administration and Student Affairs Manager
The Job
The Student Counsellor offers a specialist professional service on a confidential basis to
individual students who are experiencing personal difficulties which may be affecting
their work. In addition, the Student Counsellor will play a key role in helping students
with their academic progress and personal/social development through group
counselling, seminars and workshops. The Student Counsellor will develop and maintain
close links with other student support services in the Institute, will participate in
multidisciplinary case management meetings, and will advise on further sources of help
within the community. The range of duties assigned to the Student Counsellor may vary
from time to time.
Main duties
 To provide individual counselling to students with emotional, psychological,
academic or personal development needs.
 To provide psychological assessment and intervention.
 To maintain case records and statistical data as required by the Institute, including
usage statistics, as well as annual and periodic reports.
 To provide group counselling to students with a view to helping their academic
progress and personal/social development.
 To design and deliver regularly scheduled seminars/workshops on life skills/personal
development, stress management, substance abuse etc.
 To organize and run, in collaboration with other appropriate staff, workshops or
groups on study skills, presentation skills, examinations’ techniques, etc.
 To be involved in the preparation and provision of special training/information
seminars for staff
 To collaborate with staff in the design and provision of special programmes/projects,
for example, induction, peer mentoring, etc.
 To support and provide training to student groups such as Student Union Officers
 To lead the evaluation, consumer satisfaction and research relating to the Student
Counselling Service
 To liaise with and make referrals (as appropriate) to academic, administrative and
support services staff within the Institute
 To make a regularly updated calendar available to student support staff, for the
purposes of indicating availability for appointments
 To participate in multidisciplinary case management meetings for complex student
cases where multiple stakeholders are involved
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Original post: Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy