IAHIP Autumn Workshops

Last Call for Participants for this Weekends Workshops

Saturday 22/09/18 Workshop 2 Just Say ‘YES’ – Applied Improvisation Comedy

Maureen Levy

The old saying that ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ is born of the fact that humour reduces stress levels and improves mental health. Working therapeutically with any individual mirrors the improvisational comedy approach. It is two or more people cooperating in a process that is uncertain. There will be unexpected twists and turns that each party must adapt to, in order to work toward a satisfying conclusion. The skills of managing this process are very similar to those of the Improvisor.
Stress is due to the perception that our skills and abilities are not sufficient to meet the demands placed on us. Humour will adjust these perceptions by offering us a new view of our skills. Appropriate humour also can be used effectively in therapy, as it can help clients have an “Aha” moment as their perspective on a situation shifts.

Using the basic rules of Improvisational comedy, this workshop will introduce therapists to the basic techniques of Applied Improvisational Comedy in order to expand their creativity and flexibility with their client work, and also bring great joy and laughter into their own lives.
This workshop is experiential and fun, teaching us to listen and be fully present in the moment. It is deeply profound and transformational work that continuously positively impacts the lives of everyone who has participated.

Sunday 23/09/18 Workshop 3. Purely Elemental (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)

Patricia Chalmers

Purely Elemental aims to explore the subtle qualities of the elements and their influence on the way we think, feel and act. The workshop offers some input, guided meditation and an opportunity for reflective …read more

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