Family Constellations Training 2019

Family Constellations Training 2019

Core Concepts of Family Constellations

This Foundation Training in Family Constellations aims to up-skill those already working with families and individuals in a professional capacity. It will also help those who wish to understand better the hidden dynamics of their own family system.

Trauma and traumatic events in our own lifetime can have an enduring negative effect on our lives. It is also increasingly clear from research in neurobiology, epigenetics, somatic experiencing and psychotherapy that trauma is often carried from one generation to the next. Family Constellations work explores new ways of dealing with profound difficulties in the personal or family story. Constellation work gives us a different lens and new tools that can help clients leave traumatic experiences in the past – where they belong. It helps them let go of unwanted burdens as they move towards a more hopeful future.

This twelve-day training (80 hours CPD) offers a Certificate of Continuing Professional Development from Family Constellations Ireland Limited. We are currently accepting applications for Training in both Cork and Dublin in 2019.

The training involves a combination of inputs, interactive sessions and experiential work as well as individual constellations. Some recommended and required reading will be included. We will cover topics including

The Orders of Love

The Family as a System

Belonging and Conscience

One-to-One Settings


Theory & Practice of Constellations

Exploring Specific Issues

Dealing with Trauma

Personal Growth and Self-Care

The Phenomenological Stance

Full details and application forms are on our website here

Spring Workshops

We also offer weekend workshops. Spring 2019 dates are as follows:

January 26-27 – Mardyke House, Cork

February 9-10 – Glasthule, Dublin

March 9-10 – Mardyke House, Cork

April 27-28 – Glasthule, Dublin

These workshops, run over two days, can offer participants new insights into their family life. Working together client and therapist try to see if there is more to the family story than meets the eye. …read more

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