Volunteer Board Member with Legal Expertise Needed

Expressions of interest are invited for volunteer Board membership with the Irish Council for Psychotherapy (ICP).

The ICP is a national umbrella organisation for psychotherapy in Ireland. The council contributes to national mental health by ensuring the highest standards of training, practice, and continuous professional development for its members. It is the national awarding body for the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP)

We are seeking an Advisor to the Board with a Legal background. If you have experience in this area and want to play a key role in helping the Irish Council for Psychotherapy, we are keen to hear from you.

Responsibilities will include the following:

  • Contribute to the strategic direction of ICP, with insight, oversight, and experience of strategy formulation in other sectors
  • Assist the Board on legal aspects of the organisation pertaining to best practice
  • Assist with the creation of strategic plans which will comply with current legislation and practice

Desirable Skills

  • A qualified Solicitor or Barrister with at least five years’ experience in areas such as Company Law, Employment Law, or Health

The Board meets 6-8 times a year and has overall responsibility for the corporate governance of the ICP. Day to day management is delegated to the ICP management team.

Board members are required to use their best efforts to promote and support the development of the organisation

The ICP is a not-for-profit organisation and our Board members do not receive payment for their services.

The Board meetings are typically held in the evenings in the ICP office at 29 Upper Mount Street, Dublin 2. All reasonable expenses will be reimbursed. New Board members are asked to make a minimum two-year commitment to the ICP Board.

Board Induction will be arranged.

Please respond to admin@nullpsychotherapycouncil.ie

Registration Number: 310994