Chair’s Update to Registrants October 2019

Dear Registrant,

We have good news from The European Association of Psychotherapy.   The new website is completed and can be accessed at  The website has been designed to inform the public, more specifically the politicians, the departments of health, the clients and ourselves, the practicing psychotherapists.

You will see from the emboldened text below that there is a new law in Germany.

Honorary President Alfred Pritz is delighted to announce that the German Parliament voted on a new Psychotherapy law on September 26, 2019. In a mailing to all EAP Board members he wrote:

I want to inform you that the German parliament has voted for a new psychotherapists law which ends the dominance of psychology over psychotherapy.

It is not necessary to be a psychologist or medical doctor before becoming a psychotherapist:

The law creates a new academic discipline of psychotherapy with a bachelor and a master in psychotherapy. After these studies there is an approbation examination which allows to treat patients. If the person wants a seat of the social security, a postgraduate training follows.

Closer to home, we were informed at a meeting on the 29th of July by Ginny Hanrahan, the CEO of CORU, that regulation will take another five years at least.  One thing she emphasized is that the application is made by the psychotherapist, not any group or organisation. There will be grandparenting and this will be for two years following the opening of registration.

Feedback to ICP is very welcome.

Anne Colgan

Chair ICP