IAHIP 2019/2020 Workshops

Our 2019/2020 Workshops details are now available to view on our website https://iahip.org/workshops-2

Workshop 1 – Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Business of Therapy/Starting a Therapy Practice

Facilitator: Jude Fay

Are you thinking of setting up in private practice? Maybe you are struggling to know how to go about it? You are probably excited about using your skills to help those who need you? But, how do you get there from here?

Like acquiring any role, becoming a self-employed practitioner is a multi-layered process. There is information you need to know, skills you need to learn, action you need to take, and of course, handling the emotional impact of all of that. Unlike qualifying as a therapist, there is no clear path, no syllabus or college course you can take that will lead you there. Each person’s journey is unique to them, and there are many routes. There is a dizzying amount of information about small business out there, but much of it is irrelevant to the practice of psychotherapy.

This workshop provides information and support to therapists and counsellors who are setting up or have recently set up in private practice, whether part or full time. It is designed to help you get started by identifying the essentials.

It is also an excellent opportunity to network with other practitioners who are starting out.

We will explore the practicalities of starting a practice, envision the practice you would like to create, and the services will provide. You can begin to identify your preferred clients and the channels through which to attract them.

Workshop 2 – Saturday & Sunday, October 12th & 13th, 2019

Prevention of Suicide and Self-Harm

Facilitators: Marguerite Kiely & Noeleen Devlin

Our workshop shares our vast experience and knowledge working with both clients, parents and agencies involved in the care of clients. We also focus on …read more

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