Covid-19 – Ask the Psychotherapist

What kind of emotional impact are you seeing with people during this pandemic?

Increased levels of anxiety, fear, frustration and loneliness. Empathy and gratitude are increasing in some people, however, but the emotional impact seems to vary from day-to-day (‘comes in waves’).

How is psychotherapy helping?

It’s a source of emotional support and connection that provides the opportunity to ‘offload’ in a confidential space, while exploring ways to handle the challenges and potential opportunities of these new life circumstances.

What might you say to people who are struggling?

It’s entirely appropriate to be struggling right now, so be open and proactive around seeking support. We can’t change the bigger picture, but it’s worth exploring ways of changing your thinking/behaviour that may help you to get more out of each day.

Richie Sadlier

Member: IAHIP




Some ICP registrants were asked three questions regarding the Covid-19 crisis. These three identical questions and analogous answers will be posted weekly on the ICP blog and disseminated across the social media channels – Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn. The purpose of this Q & A is to demonstrate the psychotherapeutic experience during the coronavirus pandemic. The responses are personal to the psychotherapists’ practice and relatable to their fellow psychotherapists. This Q & A presents real life experiences of those in the mental health field.

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