Covid-19 – Ask the Psychotherapist

What Kind Of Emotional Impact Are You Seeing With People During This Pandemic?

The emotional impact can be very mixed, there is anxiety, stress and shock about how fast everything has changed. There is also a lot of grief including anticipatory grief.  Fear of uncertainty.

How Is Psychotherapy Helping?

Psychotherapy is helping by being available to people online now.  It offers a space to talk, share your worries & concerns, help you to understand, resource and support yourself during this time.  It helps to talk & connect.

What Might You Say To People Who Are Struggling?

Self-care is paramount, keep a good structure to your day. Be patient and kind to yourself and others.  Remember this crisis will come to an end too, what things can you learn about yourself going through this, what are your strengths, be compassionate to yourself in your struggles, what helps and what are you grateful for.

Anne Burke

Anne is a fully qualified and accredited psychotherapist and supervisor; she works in The Johnstown Therapy Centre, Dún Laoghaire.


Mobile: 086 240 0329




Some ICP registrants were asked three questions regarding the Covid-19 crisis. These three identical questions and analogous answers will be posted weekly on the ICP blog and disseminated across the social media channels – Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn. The purpose of this Q & A is to demonstrate the psychotherapeutic experience during the coronavirus pandemic. The responses are personal to the psychotherapists’ practice and relatable to their fellow psychotherapists. This Q & A presents real life experiences of those in the mental health field.

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