COVID-19 Working Group

Dear Members

Over recent months we have all been rapidly adjusting to the Covid-19 pandemic, and we are very aware that Accredited members, Pre-Accredited members and Student members have been working through a wide range of concerns and difficulties, both personally and professionally. It has been an anxious, frightening time, and financially precarious for many.

Now we are moving into a period of re-opening, tentatively heading back into face to face work and additional concerns are rising up to meet us. Members are looking for guidance not only about working online, but now also about the transition, that is already underway, back to safe practice in face to face work.

The Governing Body has set up a Covid-19 working group, made up of GB members and other IAHIP Committee members, to respond to questions and bring clarity and guidance as much as possible in this unprecedented time. The office has received many different Covid-19 queries over a wide area of concern, and we have been working on these through the summer. We have also been in contact with accredited and non-accredited training courses so we can address concerns and queries coming in from student members. The working group is preparing practical recommendations to the Governing Body for working in the new phase of the pandemic.

As you can appreciate it is a challenging and complicated task! None of us have had to navigate this before, and there are important balances to be found in all areas, between valuable new working practices on one hand and ensuring quality of work and good ethical standards for clients and students on the other.

The Governing Body will be ready to give more guidance for the therapists, supervisors, students and trainings in early September, not only addressing the working implications over recent months, …read more

Original post: Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy