ICP Launches New Podcast – Psychotherapy Off the Couch!

The Irish Council for Psychotherapy (ICP) Launches a New Podcast, Psychotherapy Off the Couch!

With this podcast Psychotherapy Off the Couch, ICP has brought together a collaboration of experienced and well-known psychotherapists, who are aware that the general public is eager to know more about how to look after their mental wellbeing.

The Irish Council for Psychotherapy wants to make a vibrant contribution to the national conversation on mental health.

Psychotherapy has a unique insight into the recent pandemic and the mental health issues of our time. This past year has been like no other and psychotherapists have been responding on Zoom to stressed parents, adolescents, children and couples and to those who feel depressed and alone. “The issues and struggles that are dealt with in psychotherapy are mostly complex and multi-layered and, as in life itself, the answers are not neat, complete and definite. In this way psychotherapy reflects the life we live and the struggles we have, something that makes this podcast so interesting.”

Its debut programme The Pandemic Effect on Your Psyche being launched today 13th May 2021, looks at the pandemic’s effects on our mental health.

With additional episodes being released every week, the podcast will give listeners a greater understanding of how to care for their inner worlds. Psychotherapy Off the Couch will become a go-to resource for those seeking answers about psychotherapy and to see if it is a route worth exploring for them.

The podcast is hosted by clinical psychotherapist, Stephanie Regan.  She explores diverse, challenging and highly emotive subjects with her guests, and casts a bright light into an area that, until now has remained in the quiet of the therapy room.

The topics include:

  1. The Pandemic Effect on Your Psyche with Trish Murphy
  2. Using Play as a Language in the Clinic of the Child with Joanna Fortune
  3. More Than Talk! How Psychotherapy Differs from Other Forms of Help with John O’Connor
  4. The Trouble with Relationships with Marie Walshe
  5. Facing the Demons with Rob Weatherill
  6. The Question of Abuse with Eileen Finnegan

Stephanie comments: “This podcast, Psychotherapy Off the Couch, is a wonderful project to be involved with, as we emerge from the challenging times of the pandemic.”

The podcast can be downloaded from Buzzsprout.

About Stephanie Regan

Stephanie Regan is a Clinical Psychotherapist. She works in private practice in Dublin, Ireland. She is a frequent contributor to media – radio, TV and in print. Stephanie is a graduate of University College Dublin, where she also studied Mathematics, Economics and Social Work.