Reading Studies on Hysteria with Dr André Michels

Reading Studies on Hysteria with Dr André Michels  

Date: Saturday May 29th 2021

Time 10am (Ireland)

Location: Online Event

Cost:  €30

What can we learn from Studies on Hysteria in our work today in Ireland? How can we think about trauma and hysteria? Can trauma cross over generations?

This seminar will begin with a presentation of a clinical case concerning a woman who was born in an Irish orphanage. The seminar will then continue with a discussion on the themes of trauma, transgenerational trauma, hysteria, and symptoms. André Michels will be participating and answering questions as they emerge. His clinical and theoretical experience includes extensive work on transgenerational trauma.

2 CPD points will be awarded for attending the seminar.

Dr André Michels is a psychiatrist and a psychoanalyst in Paris and Luxembourg; member of Espace analytique (Paris), Après-coup (New York), Psychoanalytisches Kolleg (Berlin); author of numerous articles; editor of Actualité de l’hystérie (2001), Les limites du corps, le corps comme limite (2005), Norm, Normalität, Gesetz (2012).

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