Trauma – Thinking Beyond PTSD in Situations of Ongoing Conflict and Military Occupation

Trauma – Thinking Beyond PTSD in Situations of Ongoing Conflict and Military Occupation: Perspectives from Palestine.

Date: Friday 25th March 2022

Time: 10pm – 1pm

Location: Online

Free admission but spaces are limited so early registration is advised.

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Who Is This For?

This workshop will be of interest to all mental health professionals, academics and those engaged in the area of psychological trauma. This includes those working with people experiencing ongoing conflict in many parts of the world and also those working in the field of domestic violence and other forms of ongoing trauma.

Our speakers will challenge established Western and medicalised approaches to how we diagnose and individualise the trauma experience which separates it from the lived context. Presenters will outline different perspectives based on their experience of working in Palestine and Northern Ireland, and they will discuss different therapeutic approaches. Presentations will be followed by a question-and-answer session.


We are delighted that the Palestinian Ambassador to Ireland Her Excellency, Dr Jilan Wahba Abdalmajid, has agreed to open this event.

Speakers: Dr Samah Jabr, Dr Mohammad Marie, Gwyn Daniel, Arlene Healey.

Dr Samah Jabr is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist practicing in the public and the private sectors within Palestine in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. She is currently the Chair of the Mental Health Unit within the Palestinian Ministry of Health. She has taught both in the classroom and in clinical settings on the faculties of several Palestinian universities and George Washington University within the Division of Global Mental Health, where she is currently an Associate Clinical Professor. She has served as the medical director of several governmental, non-governmental, and private mental health centres in Palestine. Dr Jabr often serves as a consultant for international organizations regarding program development, policy planning, and program implementation. She is also a prolific writer and author her areas of interest are mental health, colonialism, and universal human rights. 

Dr Mohammad Marie is a qualified nurse and has a master’s degree in Community Mental Health. He completed his PhD at Cardiff University. He works as a mental health professional at Alnajah National Hospital in Nablus offering psychotherapy and consultations for families and individuals. He is also a university lecturer. He has a wide range of experience in clinical practice in both the UK and Palestine.

Gwyn Daniel is a systemic psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer and visiting lecturer at the Tavistock Clinic in London. She has also taught in Northern Ireland and Palestine. She is on the steering group of the UK Palestine Mental Health Network and has been of great support to the Ireland Palestine Mental Health Network. She has visited Palestine on many occasions. She is an activist and has worked hard to highlight the effects of the Israeli occupation on the family life of Palestinians. She has presented her work in the UK and Europe, and has published widely on this subject                    

Arlene Healey is a systemic psychotherapist and clinical supervisor and has worked in Ireland for more than 40 years with children and families largely as a systemic psychotherapist in CAMHS. She is a founding member of the Ireland Palestine Mental Health Network. In 1998 she established the Family Trauma Centre in Belfast with funding designed to implement the Good Friday Peace Agreement. She managed the Centre for more than 17 years until she retired in 2015. She has published widely on the subject of family trauma and has spoken at conferences and workshops both nationally and internationally. She continues to work in independent practice and continues to specialise in family trauma. During the past few years, she has been working to highlight the effects of the Israeli occupation on the family life of Palestinians.

Organising Group

This workshop is organised by the Irish Palestine Mental Health Network. The Steering Group Members are Áine Hutchinson, Psychotherapist MIAHIP, MIACP, ICP, CQSW; Arlene Healey, Psychotherapist, MSc, CQSW, AFT; Mary Jennings, Focusing and Mindfulness Practitioner, MA, MTAI, Mem TIFI; Eamon McMahon, Psychotherapist (retired), MSc, CQSW; Carmel O’Hara, M. Med/Sc Psychotherapist, MSc Mindfulness, MICP, ACI, FTAI, MTAI.

Continuing Professional Development (3 CPD Points)