ICLO-NLS Knottings Seminar – A View From the Exit

ICLO-NLS Knottings Seminar – A View From the Exit

A clinical and epistemic encounter. Transference at work in the School of Jacques Lacan

By ICLO Society of the NLS

ICLO-NLS Knottings Seminar 2023

Date: Saturday 9 December 2023

Time: 10:30am – 4:30pm

Location: Carmelite Community Centre 56 Aungier Street Dublin 2 D02 T258

Cost: From €17.07

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A View From The Exit

Theoretical and clinical presentations. With Daniel Roy (AMS, President of the NLS ) and Philip Dravers (AP, member of the London Society and Secretary of the NLS)

  • Programme to follow soon…
  • In person only.

“Who should we talk to about entering analysis? The most interesting thing would undoubtedly be to talk about it to those who have not yet entered analysis, and who perhaps never will. (…) Having located the address, I pose the question: Viewed from the exit, what is the entry into analysis? We don’t usually say that we come out of analysis, whereas we readily say that we enter it – could it be that we’re not quite sure we’ll ever get out once we’ve entered? In any case, it’s not certain that the practitioner of psychoanalysis has come out of it – perhaps he shouldn’t exit it (en sortir), but at most he should get through it (s’en sortir), if he can. Let’s say the exit all the same, since we say the entry.”

Jacques-Alain Miller, “Vue de la sortie (View From the Exit)”, in Comment finissent les analyses. Paradoxes de la passe, Navarin Ed., 2022, p. 71

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