ICP’s Submission to CORU (30/11/2023)

ICP’s Submission to CORU (30/11/2023)

Read ICP’s submission to CORU on proposed training standards for psychotherapists.

On 30th November 2023, ICP, on behalf of our members, made its submission to CORU detailing our key concerns and recommendations regarding the proposed Standards of Proficiency and Education and Training Standards for Psychotherapists.

In summary, the recommendations we made in the submission to CORU are:

  • The development of clarity around the nature of the work of psychotherapists, including the differentiation from counsellors.
  • The re-setting of the threshold level of training at Level 9.
  • The inclusion within the framing of training programmes of personal psychotherapy / personal psychotherapeutic experience.
  • The revisiting of details around direct observation of clinical practice within training.
  • The revisiting of details around practice placement context and clinical supervision.

Among the key concerns we outlined in our submission to CORU are that the proposals:

  • Would not provide adequate protection for the public.
  • Lack a definition of psychotherapy and of recognition of this as a distinct professional activity.
  • Lack attention to developed norms and standards in the profession and in professional training.
  • Lack attention to readiness to engage in psychotherapy training.
  • Omit personal psychotherapeutic experience.
  • The proposed threshold minimum qualification level for entry to the register for psychotherapists of Level 8 on the NFQ does not adequately equip a graduate to practise psychotherapy. ICP believes it should be a graduate/postgraduate psychotherapy-specific degree in addition to an undergraduate degree on the
  • In relation to practice placements, the proposals do not reflect best practice in our field, and they fail to recognise the effectiveness of the clinical practice model in place, and the vital role of clinical supervisors.
  • There would be a downgrading of the profession of psychotherapy.
  • Their impact on mobility between jurisdictions, and access to employment nationally and internationally.

In our conclusion, we reiterated our continued support for a process of regulating the profession of psychotherapy in Ireland, and that we are keen to have a close involvement in informing those framing this.

There is no information at present as to when CORU will have completed its review of submissions on the proposals, including ICP’s, or about when any outcome is expected.

We are keeping a very close eye on the matter and will be keeping you updated in the new year.

You can read our full submission document here.