We represent the majority of Psychotherapists in the Republic of Ireland. We have a mandate to do so from our members. They come from five different traditions of psychotherapy, or different disciplines, but come together in the Council to advocate, educate and to promote psychotherapy.

We are a unique voice for the profession, democratically elected and internationally affiliated to the Euro-wide group charged with maintaining and improving standards, the European Association of Psychotherapy.


Mary Logue

Chair, ICP – Psychoanalytic Section

Samantha McGarry

Vice-Chair, ICP – Couple & Family Therapy Section

Mary Moriarty

Couple & Family Therapy Section

Belinda Moller

Psychoanalytic Section

Eugene Thomas

Cognitive Behavioural Section

Geraldine Carroll

Cognitive Behavioural Section

Paul Carroll

Humanistic and Integrative Therapy Section

Tony Rice

Humanistic and Integrative Therapy Section