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NIIHR Upcoming Events

niihr-upcoming-events ‘Engleby – “Reduced to half a dozen non-sequiturs in blue bic on an HMSO form”’ : A Seminar by Rob Weatherill Friday 10th October 2008 Institute Seminar Room, 2 Malone Road, Belfast Further Details: David Smith –  00 44 791 9907136 –  niinstitutehr@nullgooglemail.com   The first part of this full day seminar will centre […]

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

An Evidence-based model for understanding and treating PTSD. A 2-day workshop with Dr. Kate Gillespie and Dr. Michael Duffy. Guest Speaker: Professor David M. Clark. Friday 19th and Saturday 20th September 2008 in Tallaght Cross Hotel, Tallaght, Dublin 24. cognitive-behavioural-therapy-workshop.pdf

9th EPCA Conference: Construing PCP: New Contexts and Perspectives

The 9th EPCA Conference will be held in London from the 29th June 2008 to the 1st July 2008. EPCA bi-annual conference is aimed at bringing together scholars and practitioners who are interested in Personal Construct Psychology (PCP). We explore the use of PCP and its tools in research, clinical and organisational practice. construing-pcp-9th-epca-conference-information.doc

The Psychoanalytic Therapy of Severe Disturbance International Conference

This is an international event designed to offer a state of the art communication of the key psychoanalytic thinking and approaches to the conceptualisation and treatment of severe disturbance. Download the-psychoanalytic-therapy-of-severe-disturbance.pdf Download the-psychoanalytic-therapy-of-severe-disturbance-registration-form.pdf

Psychotherapists, Counsellors should indeed be regulated

Irish Medical News: Published 12th November 2007 Psychotherapists, Counsellors should indeed be regulated The emerging consensus is that psychological therapies should be regarded as fundamental to mental health services at primary, secondary and tertiary care levels. Psychotherapy in Ireland is regulated by the Irish Council for Psychotherapy. We have currently over 1,050 psychotherapists on our […]

Standards in Psychotherapy: Letter to the Irish Times

Irish Times, Saturday 27th October 2007. Letters Page Madam, In the light of Sylvia Thompsons article  Is Psychotherapy losing touch with reality? (Health Supplement October 23rd 2007), and of recent events being covered in the media, I would like to clarify issues around standards in psychotherapy in Ireland today. Psychotherapy in Ireland is regulated by […]

The Effectiveness of Psychotherapy: A Review of Research by Prof. Alan Carr

The Effectiveness of Psychotherapy  A Review of Research Prepared for the Irish Council for Psychotherapy by Prof. Alan Carr, Director of Clinical Psychotherapy and Training at UCD. This review, which shows that psychotherapy is an effective treatment for an extensive range of psychological problems associated with physical illness and major life stresses in both adults […]

Suicide Risks and Psychotherapy

Suicide Risks and Psychotherapy Letters Page:Irish Times 13/08/2007 Madam, I read with great interest the article on post-natal depression by the Irish Association of Suicidology, in response to the latest of a number of family murder/suicides (Irish Times, July 17, 2007) The association mentioned that psychiatric services are, for many people, neither user-friendly nor readily […]