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Applying a new Cognitive Model for Trauma in Northern Ireland

The latest research has shown that psychotherapy is an effective treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder related to terrorism and other civil conflict in Northern Ireland, consultant psychiatrist and specialist in the treatment of trauma disorders, Dr. Kate Gillespie told this month’s Dublin Conference of the Irish Council for Psychotherapy.

Psychotherapist shortage slammed

PUBLICATION: IRISH HEALTH.com Psychotherapist shortage slammed[Posted: Fri 08/06/2007] The lack of psychotherapists in our mental health services has been slammed by Dan Neville, Fine Gael TD and Chairman of the Irish Association for Suicidology.Mr Neville pointed out that 83% of psychiatrists did not have a psychotherapist available to them.Speaking at the National Conference of the […]

Little or no provision made for Psychotherapy: Irish Medical News

Published in the Irish Medical News: Magazine 18th June 2007 Julie-Anne Barnes There is little or no provision of psychotherapy for public patients and we really need psychotherapeutic services provided by the HSE for those who cannot afford such services, according to Dr Brion Sweeney, Chairman of the Irish Council for Psychotherapy. Speaking at the […]

The Role of Psychotherapy in Primary Care

Published on the 28th May 2007 in the IRISH MEDICAL NEWS THE ROLE OF PSYCHOTHERAPY IN PRIMARY CARE By Dr. Brion P. Sweeney There are a number of reasons why primary care is seen as a pivotal role in the delivery of care to modern populations. In a sense, it reflects the development of medicine […]