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Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks  by Thomas Larkin Panic attacks are rushes or spikes in anxiety. We get flooded with it. But the key thing is it comes from inside us, not from the outside. People often come to psychotherapy saying ‘I get panic attacks but there is nothing to be frightened of’. They are right, nothing is happening […]

Working with Difficult People

Working with difficult people – what to do if you are in this situation: By Trish Murphy Working with difficult people is one of the certainties of life and it is well worth learning how to mind yourself in a situation such as this.  The effects can be very serious and many people end up […]


In a world full of demands on our time it is important to give time to self-care. One way of doing this is self-soothing through music.  This can be through listening, humming, chanting or singing.  Music takes us in to the right side of our brain where our creativity lies and helps to create balance.  […]

11th Feb 2016: ICP’s ‘Lunch and Learn’ seminar

The Irish Council for Psychotherapy Seminar ‘Psychotherapy is an effective talking therapy – but do we know who we are talking to?’   On Thursday 11th February 2016 from 12 noon to 2.30pm In Buswells Hotel, Dublin 2.   Mental and emotional health is essential to our over-all wellbeing and allows us to thrive. Talking […]

Lunch and Learn with ICP – SAVE THE DATE

DATE FOR THE DIARY.   The Irish Council for Psychotherapy (ICP) is organizing a  ‘Lunch and Learn’ Seminar hosted and chaired by Nessa Childers M.E.P. on the following theme   ‘Psychotherapy is an effective talking therapy, but do you know who you are talking to?’   It will take place on   Thursday 11th February 2016 […]

Regulation of the profession of Psychotherapy

Safeguarding your emotional health and well-being! By Jean Manahan In an ideal world, where people are endowed with not only the skills and capacities to be great at their chosen profession but also with the moral compass to make right choices at all times, there would be no need for external regulation of any kind. […]

Irish National Eating Disorders Conference

An Irish National Eating Disorders Conference is being held on Saturday February 27, 2016 to coincide with Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2016 and with the support of BODYWHYS (www.bodywhys.ie) the self-help and support organisation for eating disorders in Ireland. Please click on this poster for the details for registration, payment. Further information can be accessed directly […]

CBT Workshop

Please click here for details of a CBT Workshop entitled “The ripple effect of trauma from brain to behaviour and beyond” being held on 8th January 2016 in Dublin 9. Booking form included in the link.