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13th Irish Psychoanalytic Film Festival: Ireland(s) on Screen

13th Irish Psychoanalytic Film Festival: Ireland(s) on Screen

Date & Time: Fri, 29 Sep 2023 15:30 – Sat, 30 Sep 2023 19:30 IST

Location: DCU, School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health

Cost: From €22.42

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By The Irish Psychoanalytic Film Festival

About This Event

10 CPD points awarded

1 day 4 hours

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Ireland(s) on Screen: Psychoanalysing: Nostalgia, Fantasy, and Representation(s)

The Festival will include screenings and discussion of Róise and Frank, Song of the Sea, and An Cailín Ciúin. Speakers will include Eve Watson, Mary Cairns, Sarah Meehan O’Callaghan, Nigel Mulligan, Barbara Fitzgerald, Olga Cox Cameron, Carol Owens, and David Smith. Full details of the programme, and tickets, can be found at this Eventbrite link. An early bird fee is available until September 15th.

The Psychoanalytic Film Festival team is delighted to announce that the 2023 festival will take place at the end of September 2023. This will be the first in-person festival since before COVID-19 and we look forward to seeing all the friends of the film festival once again and welcoming newcomers. The event will take place over two days with a variety of panels, including the showing and discussion of several films, plenary sessions, and ‘shorts’.

Friday night will begin with a panel discussion on ‘Banshees and other spectral figures: Cinema reimagines Ireland(s)’. Saturday will be a full day of screening and discussions starting from 9.45am.

In addition, attendees are cordially invited to join us for the official launch of Psychoanalysis and the Small Screen: The Year the Cinemas Closed (eds. Owens and Meehan O’Callaghan).

Please see agenda for list of screenings below.

The Film Festival can provide a discretionary rate for anyone with difficulty in paying the entrance fee. Please contact the organisers via this page.

Early bird tickets available until 15 September. Full festival ticket price includes complimentary wine reception on Friday evening and tea coffee / lunch provided on Saturday.


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Film Event: Pioneers of Group Analysis

ICP wishes its IGAS registrants every success in the upcoming film event ‘Pioneers of Group Analysis’

Group Analysis Film 10Feb18

ICP Registrant’s Day 24th June 2017 – a reflection by CEO Ms Jean Manahan

The second annual ICP Registrants’ Day took place in the Red Cow Hotel on Saturday 24th June; the morning session with Joseph Knobel Freud on ‘The issue of diagnostic labels’ was both interesting and provocative. Plenty of time was given for questions and commentary from the audience which meant the session was lively and enriched with insights from participants and speaker alike.

I was particularly struck by the question whether labels can be either useful or abusive and the conclusion seems to be both. A further question needs to be asked when making a diagnosis – is it describing disorders or symptoms? It depends on the use we make of labels but what is clear is that when they describe symptoms, we need to understand the fluidity of those symptoms and the fact that change is always present therefore a diagnosis can never be static.  I liked the parsing of the word – ‘dia’, = through and ‘gnosis’ = knowledge.


dia = through & gnosis=knowledge

This highlights the need to avoid a closed diagnosis which cuts off possibility and development. In summary a person is a person with all that that entails and not a label which stereotypes and predetermines outcomes or who that person is.

The afternoon session which involved group work asking the participants to answer a number of questions, was again a very lively affair. The feedback from the groups will feed in to the proposed White Paper to be presented to Government on the necessity for Psychotherapy to be easily available and accessible to people around the country based on need. Many thanks to all who contributed. The feedback will be circulated to participants shortly.

I’m looking forward to the ICP Conference in the Autumn – keep an eye on the ICP website Conference 2017 page for news.

Speaking at ICP's Registrants' Day 2017

Speaking at ICP’s Registrants’ Day 2017




Green Ribbon

As a social media profile raising exercise for FTAI,


we are organising a gathering in:


Venue:     Merrion Square Park (nearest the Holles Street Entrance


Date:       15th May 2017 Time:                   6.30p.m

The intention is to show our participation in and support for the Green Ribbon campaign     


With an eye to social media,  participants would be photographed wearing green ribbons with a banner heading “Family Therapists support the Green Ribbon Campaign”. We have some green ribbons to distribute to participants and could all be done very quickly. The photos would be uploaded onto our FB page, Twitter Account and Web page.

Please ring Deirdre Hayes 086-3895777, upon arrival.

Integrative Cognitive-Affective Therapy (ICAT); a structured, short-term psychological treatment for bulimia nervosa


Workshop – Integrative Cognitive-Affective Therapy (ICAT) for Bulimia Nervosa

Workshop Title: “Integrative Cognitive-Affective Therapy (ICAT); a structured, short-term psychological treatment for bulimia nervosa”

Venue: Ashling Hotel, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8.

Date: Friday November 25th, 2016 from 2:00 – 5:00 pm

Cost: €45.00 (includes afternoon coffee/tea/snack)

Workshop Facilitator: Gerard Butcher

Enquiries re payment etc. to: Gerard Butcher 01-8726930 or

This introductory workshop is limited to 45 places in total and is aimed at those who are familiar with treatment of eating disorders.


Recent research suggests that emotion is an important factor in the aetiology and maintenance of eating disorders. Thus, emotion, and its management, may play an important role in the treatment of eating disorders. Integrative cognitive-affective therapy (ICAT) is based on a theoretical model that emphasises the importance of momentary emotion as a maintenance mechanism for binge eating and other eating disorder symptoms. A randomized controlled comparison of integrative cognitive-affective therapy (ICAT) and enhanced cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT-E) for bulimia nervosa (Wonderlich et al, 2014) concluded that ICAT was associated with significant improvements in bulimic and associated symptoms that did not differ from those obtained with CBT-E. This suggests targeting emotion and self-oriented cognition in the context of nutritional rehabilitation may be offered as an Innovative approach to the treatment of eating disorders.

This skills-based workshop will:

  1. Present a brief review of the integrative cognitive-affective therapy (ICAT) model
  2. Identify its common links with CBT-E
  3. Present the cornerstones of ICAT treatment
  4. Outline the four phases of ICAT that are required in therapy
  5. Demonstrate the practical aspects of delivering ICAT


Wonderlich SA, Peterson CB, Crosby RD, Smith TL, Klein MH, Mitchell JE, Crow SJ. (2014) A randomized controlled comparison of integrative cognitive-affective therapy (ICAT) and enhanced cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT-E) for bulimia nervosa. Psychological Medicine. Feb;44(3):543-53

OCD Workshop – 20th October (Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy Ireland)

For information and registration for an OCD Workshop on the 20th October please click on the following link

10 Jun 2015 10:00 : Adam Phillips “On Unforbidden Pleasures”

Northern Ireland Institute of Human Relations

Is delighted to welcome

the highly acclaimed psychoanalyst, child psychotherapist and writer

Adam Phillips

‘On Unforbidden Pleasures’

Wednesday 10th… …read more

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22 May 2015 17:30 : Turning a Blind Eye or Daring to See



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16 May 2015 10:30 : Taboo or not Taboo? Clinical Series

The Irish Forum for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Clinical Series 2015

Early Bird Offer

‘Taboo or not Taboo?’

Forbidden thoughts, forbidden acts in Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy

Based… …read more

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