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Challenges Faced When Working Psychoanalytically with Children & Families (Seminar)

Challenges Faced When Working Psychoanalytically with Children & Families (Seminar)

By Irish Institute of Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists (IICAPP)

Date: Friday March 31st, 2023

Time: 3pm – 5:30pm IST

Location: Carmelite Community Centre 56 Aungier Street Dublin 2 D02 T258

Cost: €33.15

Tickets via Eventbrite

Marigemma Rocca will present examples of three different cases involving simple trauma, complex trauma and parent-child work.

This seminar looks at the psychoanalytic psychotherapy model and both the advantages and challenges it poses in this current climate.

The Association of Child Psychotherapists (ACP) in the UK has published a review of the evidence of the effectiveness of psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Marigemma Rocco will present examples of 3 different cases involving simple trauma, complex trauma, and parent-child work.

We know that psychoanalytic psychotherapy can bring about change. This seminar will provide the opportunity to explore how change happens in different clinical settings using a psychoanalytic psychotherapy frame. Time will be given to discussing the issues raised with specific regard to the situation in Ireland. Therapists are invited to think about their own clinical work and bring examples, if they wish, for discussion.

About Marigemma Rocco: Marigemma Rocco is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, trained initially as a Clinical Psychologist in Italy, before training as a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist at the Anna Freud Centre London. She has held a position of Clinical Lead in CAMHS until two years ago, when she retired. She has been working in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services for over 25 years, assessing and providing therapeutic interventions and consultations to children, adolescents, and their families.

She has provided consultations to Social Workers and contributed to the development of a dedicated mental health service for looked after children in a CAMHS Service. She has a special interest and expertise in assessing the relationship between parents and their children for Court Assessments. She now works in private practice.

Attendance via Zoom: The Zoom option is only available to IFCAPP members. Please contact


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Society for Psychotherapy Research SPR 2023 – Dublin 21 – 24 June 2023

Society for Psychotherapy Research SPR 2023 – Dublin 21 – 24 June 2023

The upcoming 54th International Annual Meeting of the Society for Psychotherapy Research will be held at Trinity College Dublin on 21st – 24th June 2023. Please find here the link for the conference.

Working with Torture Survivors from a Refugee Background (IFPP Seminar)

Trauma – A Seminar with Aisling Hearns of Spirasi

Date: Saturday February 18th, 2023

Time: 10am – 11:30am GMT

Location: Online

Cost: From €7.50

Book via Eventbrite

The Irish Forum for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (IFPP) is delighted to welcome Aisling Hearns of Spirasi to present this seminar on Working with Torture Survivors from a Refugee Background.


  • 10am – 11am: Working with Torture Survivors from a Refugee Background (Aisling Hearns)
  • 11am – 11:30am: Q & A/Discussion (All)

This is an online event and Zoom login details will be sent to all ticket purchasers before the event.

This event will be recorded and made available to all ticket holders to view for 30 days shortly after the event closes.

Download Programme

As we see an increase in people with significant trauma this seminar will form a reflective space for working with survivors of torture.

The Speaker

Aisling Hearns (MA in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy) is the head of psychotherapy in Spirasi. Spirasi is the rehabilitation centre for survivors of torture in Ireland. Aisling has several degrees in the area of mental health and has just concluded a doctorate in psychology in Trinity College Dublin. Aisling’s role in Spirasi is to provide individual and group psychotherapy to survivors of torture and oversee the wider therapy team.

Spirasi is Ireland’s national centre for the rehabilitation of survivors of torture. The majority of their clients are people currently seeking asylum in Ireland after fleeing persecution in their country of origin. Spirasi offers a holistic rehabilitation model which includes therapeutic, psychosocial, medico-legal, education and integration supports to survivors. This workshop will outline the impact of the torture and the refugee experience, the triple trauma paradigm, and how to work with a survivor of torture from a refugee background. As nearly 20% of Spirasi clients identify as LGBTQ+ and Spirasi ‘s LGBTQ+ clients have often been subject to a lifetime of trauma, rejection, and torture, this workshop will explore the additional difficulties this community experiences.

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UUP & EAP Joint Symposium on Ethics February 24th 2023

Ukrainian Umbrella Association of Psychotherapy (UUP) and European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) are pleased to announce a Symposium on Psychotherapy on Ethics that will be held online on Friday February 24 of 2023, which is the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine.

This is a free event open to psychotherapists, and it is necessary for participants to register if they wish to attend the Symposium. The event is taking place on a sensitive date and during a time of violent conflict, which inevitably adds to the challenges presented for the Symposium discourse. This event builds on the World Council for Psychotherapy Statement regarding the invasion of Ukraine, which was adopted by EAP. UUP and EAP respectfully request that everybody attending this event will conduct themselves in a considerate and respectful manner.  We welcome to the Symposium psychotherapists who unequivocally support the World Council for Psychotherapy Statement (link to the document). In addition, we reserve the right to act in response to any disruptive or inappropriate conduct.

To take part in this free event for psychotherapists it is necessary to register. Please register by 4pm Irish Time (GMT) / 5pm CET on Wednesday, February 22 by visiting here:

Once you have registered, you will receive your personal login link for the Symposium. Attendance at the whole Symposium is equivalent to 6.5 hours of CPD.

Please find here the invitation and program.

Foundation Course in Group Analysis 2023

Foundation Course in Group Analysis 2023

Weekend Training Programme 

We are often at a loss as to what might be going on in the dynamics of groups, especially when difficulties arise as they always do!  This one-year course is open to people who are interested in deepening their understanding of group dynamics in both personal and professional settings, and learning about the potential applications of group analysis in clinical and/or organisational contexts. The Foundation Course is also the first step in the requirement towards the clinical training in Group Analytic Psychotherapy.

Drawing on theories of founding pioneer in Group Analysis, S.H. Foulkes, who was always of the view that individuals can only be understood in the context of their groups, this experiential foundation training develops an in-depth understanding of how group dynamics influence the individual and how the individual’s dynamics influence the group. The training also explores the ‘unconscious’ dynamics in groups.

This well regarded and long running training programme is offered in block format over nine weekends from September 2023 – June 2024.

The main elements of the programme are experiential, both in small and large groups and also through theory, work discussion and case study groups.

If you are interested in finding out more, information briefings will be held via ZOOM and in person by

by The School of Psychotherapy, St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Elm Park, Dublin 4 on:

  • Wednesday 8th March 2023: 6.30pm – 8pm (ZOOM)
  • Friday 31st March 2023: 6.30pm – 8pm (ZOOM)
  • Thursday 20th April 2023: 6;30pm – 8pm The School of Psychotherapy, St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Elm Park, Dublin 4 (in person)
  • Wednesday 3rd May 2023: 6:30pm – 8pm (Zoom)

For further enquiries or to register your interest and receive a link to these events please contact Georgina Dunlevy, Group Analytic Course Administrator at

Closing Date for Course Applications: Friday 2nd June 2023

Additional information can be found at The School of Psychotherapy @ St Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin and MSc in Group Analytic Psychotherapy (UCD).

CORU’s Counsellors & Psychotherapists Webinar

CORU’s Counsellors & Psychotherapists Webinar

Recording & Presentation Slides

On December 12th, 2022, CORU invited all their stakeholders to attend a virtual information session. The invitation was issued to a broad range of stakeholders and bodies, including professional bodies, education providers and representative bodies. This webinar introduced CORU’s legislative framework as well as progress to date on the ongoing work of regulation for the professions of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. This was an opportunity to learn more about the work of the Counsellors and Psychotherapists Registration Board and the opening of its register.

Ahead of this event, CORU asked that the stakeholders nominate two representatives from their organisation to virtually attend. ICP Board Director and FTAI accreditant Mary Moriarty was pleased to represent the ICP at the session – several ICP Board Directors also attended on behalf of their individual organisations.

The stakeholders were also encouraged to include any questions which they would like addressed by CORU during this session. ICP asked what operational definitions for Psychotherapy are the Registration Board referencing in their work? ICP recommended the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) definition.

What is Psychotherapy?

The FAQ section on the Counsellors and Psychotherapists webpage on the CORU website has also been updated to incorporate questions submitted before and during the information session.

Please find below the recording links of the session and the presentation slides.

Please note, as there were points during the webinar with audio issues, CORU have included two additional slides detailing the information covered which may have been missed.

Recording Link – CORU Counsellors & Psychotherapists Information Session 12/12/2022

Recording Password: PpCPaq@3

Please find below the link to access the file without a password. However, using this method means the file must be downloaded prior to viewing.

CORU Counsellors & Psychotherapists Information Session – Webinar Recording

CPRB Information Session Presentation Notes

FAQs for Counsellors and Psychotherapists

CORU thanked all of those who took the time to be in attendance and contributed to this Information Session. CORU look forward to further engagement with stakeholders in 2023 and beyond as they progress in their work of regulating the professions of ‘counsellor’ and ‘psychotherapist’.

Psychotherapy Premises Available Dublin 9

In case it’s of any interest to fellow ICP registrants, a psychotherapist with Irish Psycho-Analytical Association (IPAA) is vacating her current premises at A7 Santry Business Park, Dublin 9 and it will be available from March 1st. It is for a large room and is available hourly and / or sessionally.

Please contact owner Lisa Hughes for more information.

Lisa Hughes

Address: Unit A7, Santry Business Park, Swords Road, Turnapin Little, Dublin 9 D09 KD91


Mobile: 087 237 5292



Clinical Tools From Spinoza by Dr Ian Miller

Clinical Tools From Spinoza by Dr Ian Miller

The IFPP are delighted to welcome Dr Ian Miller to give a talk which draws on his 2022 Routledge publication,

Clinical Spinoza. Integrating his Philosophy With Contemporary Therapeutic Practice.

Date: Saturday November 26th, 2022

Time: 10:45am – 1pm GMT

Location: Online via Zoom

Cost: From €7.50

Book via Eventbrite


  • 10:45am to 11:45am Presentation of paper by Dr Ian Miller
  • 45am to 12pm Break
  • 12pm to 12:50pm Discussion / Q&As
  • 1pm Close

Please note this is an online event and Zoom details will be provided to ticketholders before the event.


Not only was Baruch Spinoza the first modern psychologist, a recognition shared by psychoanalytic thinkers from Lou Andreas-Salome to Erich Fromm, but also Spinoza’s Ethics furnish today’s contemporary clinicians with a threefold cord of aspiration, observation, and methodology, immediately recognizable within the interrelated currents of psychoanalytic thought. Remarkably, fundamental streams of Spinozan thinking are discernible in the “going on being” of DW Winnicott and in the process-rich clinical algorithm developed by WR Bion, in expansion of Klein’s shuttle between paranoid/schizoid and depressive positions.

Clinical Spinoza (Routledge, 2022) is the third instalment in my articulation of today’s psychoanalytic vernacular, derived largely from the clinical contributions of Winnicott & Bion – and developed in the context of my teaching psychoanalytic theory at Trinity College, with the book, Defining Psychoanalysis: Achieving a Vernacular Expression (Karnac, 2016). On the Daily Work of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (Routledge, 2018), the second instalment, focuses on clinical and social change processes observed and implemented through the lens of Bion’s therapeutic algorithm. However, only in engagement with Spinoza’s 17th century contributions, do late 20th and early 21st century psychoanalytic developments become recognizable as integrally Spinozan concepts.

Returning to the psychological tools advanced by Spinoza – including his monistic critique of Descartes – contemporary therapeutic practice is streamlined and clarified, both directly in the clinic, and in relation to the metapsychology, or philosophical underpinning, of what we do.

It is not today, as early psychoanalysts observed, that Spinoza “anticipates” the development of psychoanalysis, but rather, that the development of psychoanalysis itself, through its speculative twists and turns, has returned to clarities discerned originally by Spinoza; and which stand ready (as they have for centuries) for integration within psychoanalytic development.

Ian Miller

Ten years ago, in 2012, I relocated my 30-year practice of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy from Manhattan to Dublin, joining both the IFPP and the Psychological Society of Ireland where I am also involved in the Human Rights special interest group and the Psychotherapy section.

Since then, in clinical practice, supervision, and teaching, Dublin has been home. It has been a productive time: of growth, not only in writing psychoanalytic books and articles, but also of ongoing psychoanalytic inquiry with Dubliners; and in developing new associations with European clinical colleagues.

In addition to practice and writing, I remain Associate Editor of the American Journal of Psychoanalysis; and last Spring, was asked to participate in the IPA podcast series Psychoanalysis as Politics: Aspiring to Think In the Age of Anti-Thinking – Ian S. Miller on the topic of thinking itself as subversively political in our times.

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Action Trauma Network

What is the Action Trauma Network?

The Action Trauma Network is a not-for-profit membership organisation. We provide an affordable way for individuals and organisations to connect and collaborate, bringing hope, recovery and resilience to people affected by trauma. Joining our global network of likeminded members unlocks access to a large portfolio of resources, and CPD-accredited learning, including webinars, live events and conferences.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where organisations and individuals can come together to collaborate, share, and heal trauma.

Our Mission

Working together to bring hope, recovery, resilience and healing to a world that is hurting. Promoting love, kindness, understanding and compassion.

Membership Benefits

  • Online members’ portal
  • Extensive portfolio of resources
  • Exclusive presentations from world leading experts
  • CPD-accredited webinars and networking events
  • Priority booking for all events
  • Dedicated Facebook Group
  • Film & documentary screenings

Reasons To Join The Network

  • Build a professional toolkit with unlimited access to extensive trauma resources and training
  • CPD-accredited career development
  • Connect and collaborate with a global network of like-minded members
  • Be part of a supportive, diverse and compassionate community.

Healing Trauma Together

Join us:


James Joyce’s Writing & Psychoanalysis – Conference November 2022

James Joyce’s Writing and Psychoanalysis

Conference on Lasting Relevance of Joyce’s Writing, Why Joyce’s Writing is Important to Psychoanalysis, and Links to the Contemporary Psyche

Date: 19 November 2022 – in person & by live stream

Time: 9:30am – 5pm

Venue: Museum of Literature Ireland, UCD Newman House 85-86 Saint Stephen’s Green (Access through 85 St. Stephen’s Green Dublin D02 XY43)

Cost: From €64.91

Book tickets via Eventbrite 

The conference is organised by the Freud Lacan institute in conjunction with the Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI), and with the support of APPI, the Association for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Ireland (APPI), and features a special live musical performance of The Seas Between.

Registration via Eventbrite (2 Ticket Types: In-Person and Live Stream)

Registration for in-person attendance will be on a first-come first-serve basis as the conference room accommodates a maximum of 60 people. Lunch and tea/coffee is included in the conference fee and will be served by the Commons Café at MoLI. Those unable to attend in person will have the opportunity to attend the conference via live streaming which will be managed by the MoLI Digital Curator.

Conference Description: The conference marks the centenary of the publication of Joyce’s masterpiece, Ulysses (1922), described as “the most dangerous book” and the “novel to end all novels.” The conference brings together psychoanalysts, academics, scholars, students, and all interested in the writing of Joyce and contemporary psychoanalytic theory and practice to explore the lasting importance of Joyce’s literature, how and why Joyce’s writing is important to psychoanalysis, and why the work of Joyce continues to both reflect and make a deep impression on the contemporary psyche. The conference takes place in the Old Physics Theatre and Saloon at the Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI), the former home of University College Dublin and Joyce’s alma mater, and will offer a range of talks, panel presentations, discussions, debate, and live music performance. The conference will address the following themes:

  • Why Read Joyce: The Significance of Joyce’s Writing as Textual and Reading Practice?
  • Joyce’s Writing and its Relationship to Language
  • Joyce’s Symptom: Creativity, Inventiveness, and the Artist
  • The Role of the Senses and Sonority in Joyce and a Psychical Factor
  • Exile, the Foreign, and the Domain of the Unconscious