Each organisation of the ICP must have published a Complaints Procedure. The purpose of a Complaints Procedure is to ensure that practitioners and their clients have clear information about the procedures and process involved in dealing with complaints.

All psychotherapists on the ICP Register are required to adhere to the Complaints Procedure of their own organisation.

MAKING A COMPLAINT: A client wishing to complain shall be advised to contact the Member Organisation.

RECEIVING A COMPLAINT: A Member Organisation receiving a complaint against one of its psychotherapists, shall ensure that the therapist is informed immediately and that both complainant and therapist are aware of the Complaints Procedure.

APPEALS: After the completion of the Complaints Procedure within an organisation, provision must be made for an appeal, stating time limits, grounds and procedures.

REPORTS TO THE ICP REGISTRATION BOARD: Organisations are required to report without delay to the ICP Registration Board, the names of members who have been suspended or expelled.

COMPLAINTS UPHELD IN ANOTHER ORGANISATION: Psychotherapists are required to inform, without delay, each Organisation of which they are a member, if any complaint is upheld against them in another Member Organisation.

CONDUCT OF COLLEAGUES: Psychotherapists concerned that a colleague’s conduct may be unprofessional, should initiate the Complaints Procedure of the relevant Member Organisation.

RESIGNATION: The resignation of a member of an Organisation shall not be allowed to impede the process of any investigation as long as the alleged offence took place during that person’s membership.