In conjunction with the European Association of Psychotherapy, it has been decided that CPD can be taken in the following forms:

  • Advanced or additional professional psychotherapy courses.
  • Engagement in personal therapy, reflective practices etc.
  • Professional supervision for psychotherapy practice/clinical/group work and peer supervision.
  • Psychotherapy conference/symposium attendance.
  • Professional activities in psychotherapy. (Being elected to a Board or a Committee and attending meetings).
  • Participation in extra psychotherapy training as a supervisor/researcher/teacher.
  • Self-experience/therapy in one of the modalities recognized by EAP

These are the domains in which CPD could be accrued. It is further recommended that minimum 250 hours shall consist of no more than 75 hours from any one category.

The introduction of Continuous Professional Development is particularly important in the current environment where there is an increasing scrutiny of the professional competence of all health care professionals including psychotherapists, with more transparent complaints procedures and more vigorous monitoring of fitness to practice issues within each profession.

European Certificate of Psychotherapy

Please see CPD Section of relevant Section Organisation. The ICP has been involved in the development of the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP) in conjunction with the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP). The European Certificate stipulates that the total duration of the training for psychotherapists is 3,200 hours spread over a minimum of seven years. This seven year period comprises an initial under-graduate component, or equivalent, followed by a specific psychotherapy training. Nearly 300 of the ICP members to date have been awarded the European Certificate. Many more applications are in process.

The European Association for Psychotherapy promotes the recognition of common standards of training for psychotherapists throughout Europe, and will ensure their mobility across member states. While the European Association for Psychotherapy does not have power to legally implement the certificate before it is adopted by member states, they have recommended it to the national co-ordinators of member states and welcome it as an initiative in establishing joint platforms which will facilitate the employment of migrants within the European Union.

About ECP (European Certificate of Psychotherapy)

There are two possible ways to apply for an ECP, one way is the Direct Award (DA) through one of the European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institutes (EAPTIs), and the other way is to apply is through grandparenting procedure that involves recommendation from EAP National Awarding Organization (NAO) and European Wide Awarding Organization (EWAO).

About ECP (European Certificate of Psychotherapy)

How to Apply for An ECP

The ECP – Important Information for ECP (European Certificate of Psychotherapy) Application

Documents | ECP Application Forms by Grandparenting

CV Structure for ECP Application by Grandparenting

Notification by the NAO of Recommendations for the Award of the ECP by Grandparenting

Practitioner Registration Form for ECP