The Council is continuing to play a key role in the Government’s plans to develop legislation for the statutory regulation of psychotherapists in Ireland.

The Council has been putting forward its proposals at the Psychological Therapies Forum which was set up by the Department of Health & Children to make recommendations on the type of legislation required.

In September 2006, following much research and debate, the Forum put forward the following proposal: –

That the Registration Board should have the embracing title of “Psychological Therapies” and that two titles, that of “Psychotherapist” and “Counsellor” would be protected under this Psychological Therapies registration Board.

In September, 2008, the Forum made a submission to the Department of Health and Children setting out the minimum criteria for training as a psychotherapist.  See download

The ICP is also working with the Department of Health & Children on the composition of the new Registration Board which will regulate our profession and on which we need to be adequately represented to ensure our independent professional status.

Meanwhile the European Association of Psychotherapy is lobbying Governments and the European Parliament to provide for an independent profession of psychotherapy.  EAP recognises training programmes which will facilitate the easy movement of trained and accredited psychotherapists across Europe.  See EAP website at